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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Lou Harvey

Associate Professor in Education, University of Leeds, United Kingdom



I am an education researcher specialising in communication and learning at the intersection of language and the arts, particularly in intercultural and post-conflict contexts. Most recently I have worked on development-related projects as part of the flagship AHRC network Changing the Story, which asks how the arts, heritage, and human rights education can support youth-centred approaches to civil society-building in post-conflict settings around the world. I am currently co-investigator on the AHRC project Youth Accountability and Deaf Inclusion in South Africa.




My research examines the potential of the arts to engage voice in non-linguistic ways, in order to enable the communication of the otherwise unsayable and the voices of those who cannot speak and be heard. It follows a theoretical, methodological and ethical commitment to inclusion, knowledge democracy, and the expression of voice through de-centring language and researching through different communicative and aesthetic modes. My work investigates how working at the intersection of language and the arts, as applied to a range of global contexts and challenges, can a) generate more inclusive, democratic and decolonised learning and knowledge creation; b) enable the production of voice for the marginalised; and c) contribute to more complex and intersectional understandings of difference and otherness.
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