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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Aisha Hutchinson


Lecturer in Social Sciences, King's College London, United Kingdom



Dr Aisha Hutchinson is an applied social scientist with significant practice, research and academic experience. Since completing her PhD on the coping strategies of young women in Mozambique in response to unintended pregnancies she has been involved in several pieces of research aiming to improve the lives of adolescent girls in contexts of humanitarian aid and social development. Most recently, a post-doctoral fellowship funded by the British Academy has enabled her to examine the impact of displacement on the social processes underpinning child marriage among Syrian refugees in Jordan and Lebanon. Theoretically Aisha is interested in expressions and negotiations of agency by girls and their families in difficult situations and the role of organisations in empowering and supporting communities in crisis using critical perspectives. Aisha's research has involved partnerships with a number of academic and third sector organisations in Mozambique, South Africa, Switzerland, Jordan, Lebanon and Australia.



  • Al Makhamreh, S.S., Zuhair, H. and Hutchinson, A.J. (2020) ‘Negotiating Patriarchal Relationships to Become Economically Active: An insight into the agency of Syrian Refugee Women in Jordan using frameworks of Womanism and Intersectionality’, British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies, published online: 15 Oct 2020
  • Driscoll, J., Lorek, A., Kinner, E. and Hutchinson, A.J. (2020) ‘Multi-agency safeguarding arrangements: overcoming the challenges of Covid-19 measures’, Journal of Children’s Services, 15(4), p267-274. 
  • O’Leary, P., Abdulla, M., Hutchinson, A.J., Young, A. and Squire, J. (2019) 'Child Protection with Muslim Families: Considerations for Non-Muslim Based Orthodoxies/paradigms in Child Welfare', British Journal of Social Work, online early access from 20th July. DOI: 10.1093/bjsw/bcz088
  • Hutchinson, A.J. (2018) ‘Research evidence to inform strengths-based policy and practice: Mapping the coping strategies of young women in Mozambique’, British Journal of Social Work, online early access from 20th April 2018. 


International child protection; child marriage; child protection in emergencies; international social work
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