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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Hoko Horii


Lecturer at the VanVollenhoven Institute, and a post-doctoral fellow at Kobe University, Japan



Hoko Horii works as a lecturer at the Van Vollenhoven Institute, where she teaches in various courses such as Law and Society in Japan and Law and Governance in Asia. She is also a post-doctoral fellow at Kobe University, conducting a research project funded by Japan Society of the Promotion of Science (JSPS). She studies the concept of agency in law, by examining the background and practice of ‘age of consent’ laws in three countries: Japan, Indonesia, and the Netherlands. Previously as her PhD project, she studied concept of agency in international human rights laws by examining child marriage discourse and practice.



(2021) Hoko Horii, Child Marriage, Rights and Choice: Rethinking Agency in International Human Rights, Routledge, Oxon & New York.

(2021) Hoko Horii, `Child marriage as a `solution’ to modern youth in Bali‘, Progress in Development Studies.

(2020) Hoko Horii, `Legal Reasoning for Legitimation of Child Marriage in West Java: Accommodation of Local Norms at Islamic Courts and the Paradox of Child Protection‘, Journal of Human Rights Practice.

(2020) Hoko Horii, `Walking a thin line: Taking children’s decision to marry seriously?‘, Childhood.

(2019) Hoko Horii, `A blind spot in international human rights framework: a space between tradition and modernity within the child marriage discourse‘, The International Journal of Human Rights.

(2019) Hoko Horii, `Pluralistic legal system, pluralistic human rights?: teenage pregnancy, child marriage and legal institutions in Bali‘, The Journal of Legal Pluralism and Unofficial Law. 

(2018) Hoko Horii and Mies Grijns, `Child Marriage in a Village in West Java (Indonesia): Compromises between Legal Obligations and Religious Concerns‘, Asian Journal of Law and Society, 5(2), 1-14.


Socio-legal studies, child marriage, agency, human rights, children's rights
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