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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Anna Franzén


Assistant Professor, Department of Child- and Youth Studies, Stockholm University, Sweden



Drawing mainly on a discursive and narrative frameworks, Franzén's research centers on young men and boys and questions of identity, violence, humor and masculinity. She has conducted video-ethnographic research in institutions such as detention homes, prison and high schools. Combining a Foucauldian perspective with interactional analysis she investigates the intricacies of social interaction by analyzing issues such as identity, power and resistance – in interaction. Franzén has been published in journals such as New Media & Society, Discourse Studies, Journal of Contemporary Ethnography, and Journal of Youth Studies.




Young men in detention and prison, annualized treatment models in interaction, masculinity, humor, subjectivity, affective practices, ethnography, discourse- and narrative analysis, interactional analysis.
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