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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Ms Danielle Ekman Ladru


Senior lecturer, associate professor, Department of Child and Youth studies, Stockholm University, Sweden



Danielle Ekman Ladru's main field of interest is child and Youth studies, mobilities and geography focusing on children's, young people's and families' social geographies, everyday mobilities and access to public space. Her current research is on the consequences of urban densification for children's mobility and play - focusing on 'vertical' family life in multy-story apartment blocks as well as on inner-city preschools everyday mobility.



Ekman Ladru, D., Gustafson, K., & Joelsson, T. (2021). Children’s prosthetic citizenship as ‘here-and-now’, ‘not-yet’ and ‘not-here’. the case of the mobile preschool. Social & Cultural Geography, 1-19.

Cele, S., van der Burgt, D. (2015). Participation, Consultation, Confusion: Professionals’ understandings of children’s participation in physical planning. Children's Geographies, 13(1): 14-29.

van der Burgt, D. (2015). Spatial avoidance or spatial confidence?: Young people’s agency in the active negotiation of risk and safety in public space. Children's Geographies, 13(2): 181-195.


Child and youth Studies, children's geographies, mobilities, place, planning, early childhood
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