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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Lisamarie Deblasio


Lecturer, Plymouth University, United Kingdom



I teach law and research law. I am passionate about working with people who are marginalised in society. I research how the law affects them first hand. I am also involved in a number of student facing roles where I work with students from deprived backgrounds and mental health challenges.



Deblasio, Lisamarie: The re-traumatisation of domestic abuse survivors:the problem of mother blaming in public child law proceedings (2022) Child and Family Law Quarterly Issue 1, Vol. 34

Lisamarie Deblasio, Using reflexivity as a tool to validate feminist research based on personal trauma (10th March 2022) Feminist Legal Studies.

Adoption and law : the unique personal experiences of birth mothers in adoption proceedings Deblasio, Lisamarie, author. 2020


Family law, child law, rights of marginalised women, domestic abuse.
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