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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Chandra Kala Clemente-Martínez

Chandra Kala

Postdoctoral Researcher, AFIN (Autonomous University of Barcelona), Spain



Dr Chandra Kala Clemente-Martínez is Postdoctoral Researcher at AFIN Research Group, Autonomous University of Barcelona. She received his PhD in Social Anthropology (Cum Laude) by the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Her research covers the following areas: family strategies and reproductive decisions and desires in a context of fertility decline and the right to access biogenetic and biographical information of people born out from “third-party reproduction”. In both areas, she focuses on governance, public policies and rights. She is keen on using qualitative methods centred on research-action interventions as well as ethnographic techniques, with special attention to ethnographic fieldwork. She has conducted ethnographic research in Spain and Nepal exploring the search and reunion processes between adoptees, adoptive families and birth families.



Clemente-Martínez, C.K. (forthcoming). La vuelta a los orígenes. Una etnografía sobre adopciones transnacionales [Returning to the Origins. An Ethnography on Transnational Adoptions]. Bellaterra Edicions.

Gallego Molinero, A. & Clemente-Martínez, C.K (2021). Introduction: Irregularities in Transnational Adoptions and Child Appropriations: Challenges for Reparation Practices. Childhood. A Journal of Global Child Research, 28(4): 467-476.

Marre, D. & Clemente-Martínez, C.K. (forthcoming). Suprimir la Identidad para “Reparar" el (Mal) Origen. In Derecho a Conocer Los Orígenes de Niños, Niños y Adolescentes. Una Mirada Interdisciplinar, edited by Mariana De Lorenzi. Buenos Aires: Editorial Rubinzal Culzoni.


Anthropology of Childhood, Anthropology of Reproduction, Family Studies, Transnational Adoption, Search and Reunion, Human and Children Rights, Migration Studies
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