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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Daniella Bendo


Assistant Professor, Department of Childhood and Youth Studies, King’s University College at Western University, Canada



Daniella is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Childhood and Youth Studies. She is a critical children’s rights and childhood studies scholar. Daniella completed her PhD in the Department of Law and Legal Studies at Carleton University. She is interested in research that focuses on advocacy, children’s rights, participation, child-centered research methodologies and community engagement with young people. Daniella enjoys hiking/working out, spending time with family and friends, hanging out at the cottage, and travelling.



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Child and Youth Participation; Children’s Rights and Citizenship; Child and Youth Advocacy; Lived Experiences of Children and Youth; Research Methods Involving Children and Youth; Social, Legal, and Theoretical Constructions of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child; The Sociology of Childhood; Community Research; Youth and Digital Worlds; Child and Youth Disabilities; Youth Justice System; Indigenous Child Removal System; Climate Change.
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