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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Dr Alison Bisset


Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law, University of Reading, United Kingdom



Dr Alison Bisset is Associate Professor in International Human Rights Law at the University of Reading. Her research focuses on transitional justice, particularly the relationship between different transitional justice mechanisms and the operation of truth commissions. Her work has explored the involvement of children in post-conflict processes and, more recently, the difficulties of repatriating the children of Islamic State.



Alison Bisset and Saeed Bagheri, 'International Legal Issues Arising from the Repatriation of the Children of Islamic State' (2022) Journal of Conflict and Security Law,

Alison Bisset, Children in transitional justice processes: still side-lined?. In: Solange Mouthaan and Olga Jurasz, (eds.) Gender and War: International and Transitional Justice Perspectives, (Intersentia, 2019) pp. 259-284.

Alison Bisset, Building resilience in post-conflict disaster contexts: children and transitional justice. In: Susan Breau and Katja Samuel, (eds.) Research Handbook on Disasters and International Law. Research Handbooks in International Law, 2016 Edward Elgar , Cheltenham, pp. 479-500


International Children's Rights Law, Protection of Children in Armed Conflict, Child Soldiering, Children and Transitional Justice
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