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Dr Adrienne Lee Atterberry

Adrienne Lee

Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology, Union College, United States



Adrienne Lee Atterberry is a US-based sociologist. Her research interests span the fields of international migration, education, parenting, and children and youth studies. Atterberry's research has been published in Contemporary Education Dialogue, Current Sociology, and numerous edited books. She is currently working on a book project that examines transnationally mobile, highly-skilled professionals' parenting practices.



Atterberry, A. L., McCallum, D. G., Tu, S., & Lutz, A. (2022). Children and Youths’ Migration in a Global Landscape: Sociological Studies of Children and Youth (Vol. 29). Bingley, UK: Emerald.

Atterberry, Adrienne. 2022. “Transnational Migration, Ethnic Identity, and Blurred Boundaries: Indian American Youth Redefine Being a Second-Generation Immigrant.” Pp. 51-72 in Children and Youths’ Migration in a Global Landscape, edited by Adrienne Lee Atterberry, Derrace McCallum, Siqi Tu, and Amy Lutz. Emerald.

Atterberry, Adrienne L. 2022. “Intensive Teaching: Examining Teachers’ Professional Pressures and Pedagogical Practices at an Elite School,” Contemporary Education Dialogue 19(1): 107-131.

Atterberry, Adrienne L. 2022. “Parental aspirations, schools, and the limits of flexible citizenship: Examining elite return migrants’ schooling decisions,” Current Sociology 70(6): 806-823.


International Migration
Asia/Asian America
Sociology of Education
Children and Youth Studies
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