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The Childhood, Law & Policy Network (CLPN)

Professor Nicola Ansell


Professor of Human Geography, Brunel University London, United Kingdom



Nicola Ansell is a Professor of Human Geography in the Department of Social and Political Sciences at Brunel University London. Her research focuses on social and cultural change in the lives of young people in the global South, particularly southern Africa, and the educational and social policies that produce and respond to such change. Nicola is also author of Children, Youth and Development (Routledge, second edition 2017) and of more than 70 other publications. She runs an MA programme at Brunel in Children, Youth and International Development.



Ansell N, Froerer P, Huijsmans R, Dungey CE, Dost AC and Piti (2020) ‘Educating 'Surplus Population': uses and abuses of aspiration in the rural peripheries of a globalising world’ Fennia 198(1-2) 17-38

Dungey C and Ansell N (2020) ‘‘I go to school to survive’: Facing physical, moral and economic uncertainties in rural Lesotho’ Children’s Geographies 18(6) 614-628

Dungey C and Ansell N (2020) ‘‘Not All of Us Can Be Nurses’: Proposing and Resisting Entrepreneurship Education in Rural Lesotho’ Sociological Research Online

Ansell N (2017) Children, Youth and Development (second edition) Routledge, London

Ansell N (2016) ‘‘Once upon a time …’ Orphanhood, childhood studies and the depoliticisation of childhood poverty in southern Africa’ Childhood 23(2) 162-177


Childhood and youth in the Global South; social change; education policy; social policy; aspiration; southern Africa, Lesotho, Malawi.
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