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APL-AF helps GPs and pharmacists to review their patients with atrial fibrillation and ensure they are on the safest, most effective medication.

v4.0 current version

We introduced APL-AF in 2016. Since then, the tool has supported great successes in increasing the use of anticoagulant medications in people with atrial fibrillation, preventing heart attacks and strokes. 

How it works

A GP or pharmacist runs a search in their clinical system and imports the results into APL-AF. The tool will then list all registered patients with atrial fibrillation. With a couple of clicks the clinician can filter the list into cohorts, to:

Optimise medications

  • Increase anticoagulation, to prevent heart attacks and strokes;
  • Reduce patients on dual therapy for longer than necessary, to prevent major bleeds;
  • List warfarin users who may benefit from a discussion about switching to DOAC.

Tailor their approach

  • See other relevant medications, co-morbidities, vulnerabilities, and latest blood pressure recording for each patient.

How to access

APL-AF is only available to GP practice teams in the North East London NHS region. If you have not yet downloaded this tool, or need support using it, please contact your local CEG facilitator.

Webinar: Introducing APL-AF version 4

2 May 2024

Funding and support

APL-AF was developed as part of REAL-Health Cardiovascular, a major research programme funded by Barts Charity.


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