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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Supporting primary care through the pandemic

Update: Covid-19 has created an urgent need to deliver routine care more efficiently, particularly for patients with long-term conditions. There has been an increased need to prioritise at-risk groups, enable virtual reviews and self-management, and assess needs that can be met by a variety of professionals such as healthcare assistants, pharmacists and nurses. Here’s how we are supporting these activities and where to find our resources.

  • Our suite of APL tools search patient records for specific conditions and risk factors, helping professionals prioritise people at risk and efficiently plan proactive care. Without leaving the tool, the GP or pharmacist can ‘virtually review’ all relevant factors about an individual. We have specific tools for atrial fibrillation, cardiovascular disease, heart failure, type-2 diabetes and asthma. A tool for childhood immunisation is also under construction.
  • Our educational resources support professionals to use our tools effectively and deliver care after stratification – for example, helping healthcare assistants to manage low-risk patients, and GPs and pharmacists to optimise blood pressure control.



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