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Polio Booster Campaign

Resources for North East London practices 

The Polio Booster Campaign requires GPs in London to offer an additional dose of a polio-containing vaccine to 1-9 year olds, following the discovery of poliovirus samples in sewage. The logistics to achieve this are complex. CEG is working in collaboration with NHS North East London Health and Care Partnership on resources to ease the burden for practices.

On this page: 

How to target the most vulnerable children using CEG’s APL-Imms call and recall tool 

We strongly encourage EMIS practices in North East London to use our APL-Imms tool to target the most vulnerable: children under the age of six who are not fully vaccinated or are not vaccinated at all. Here is how to find those children:

  1. Run the APL-Imms search in EMIS and import the results into the APL-Imms tool;
  2. Click the ‘6-in-1’ filter to find all children who have not finished their primary course of polio-containing vaccination, or click both ‘6-in-1’ and ‘4-in-1’ filters if you want to list all children not up to date with polio. Do not click on any other filters. 

Please note: The above list will not include children whose parents have declined and who would benefit from a more personalised approach than just a text message; you can get a separate list for those children by clicking ‘Reset Filters’, then ticking the ‘Declined/Contr’ box. The current situation could present an opportunity to have a conversation that might change their minds. 

North East London practices who are not yet using the tool can request it via their CEG facilitator. A PDF User Guide and step-by-step videos are available on our website. 

Reassurance for children who are fully protected

From Friday 19 August 2022, the Child Health Information Service (CHIS), as directed by NHS England, will start writing to parents of all children in London aged 1-9, telling them that the NHS will contact them to book an appointment for a polio vaccine. About 10% of children aged 1-9 had their pre-school booster less than 12 months ago and are therefore fully protected - they will not need another polio vaccination until they are 14 years old. You may wish to write to parents and let them know this, as it will not be clear in the letter they receive from CHIS. Use CEG’s Polio Booster Campaign searches 6 and 7 to list children who are fully protected; many practices will not have any patients in search 7.

CEG template and searches

Available to practices across North East London using EMIS and SystmOne clinical systems. 

We have added a page to our Childhood Immunisation template to make it easier to code everything related to this campaign. Available in Resource Publisher and SystmOne.

We have published a set of searches to allow practices to fully plan for the Polio Booster Campaign. These are available for EMIS and SystmOne via the CEG practice support folders, under ‘Immunisations and Vaccinations’.

When using the set, as always, remember that coding issues can result in vaccinated children appearing as ‘incomplete’ in searches, and exercise due diligence to ascertain that it is clinically appropriate to administer a vaccine.

Our coding recommendations 

Recording invitations  
Inviting children to have a booster or a catch-up polio containing vaccination during this campaign: 864531000000105 | Recommendation to have child immunised against poliomyelitis (procedure)  

Although this is not a stated requirement of the programme, we would advise you to use this code when you send text messages or letters or phone parents so you can keep track of your work. 

Recording a child has received a campaign booster 
There is currently no code available to record that a campaign booster has been given. We have used the following codes in our template: 

  • Children aged 1 year to less than 3 years 4 months who are already up-to-date with their primary immunisations:  
    1082431000000104 | Diphtheria, tetanus and acellular pertussis, inactivated polio, Haemophilus influenzae type b and hepatitis B vaccination (procedure) 
  • Children aged 3 years 4 months to 5 years who received a routine pre-school booster more than 12 months ago: 
    247821000000102 | Booster diphtheria, tetanus, acellular pertussis and inactivated polio vaccination (procedure) 
  • Children aged 6 to 9 years who received a routine pre-school booster more than 12 months ago: 
    414619005  | Administration of low dose diphtheria and inactivated poliomyelitis and tetanus vaccination (procedure) 

Recording a reason for declining 
We strongly recommend that if parents decline the offer, you tick a ‘reason for non-vaccination’ in the decline/hesitancy page of the template and add the reason as free text so you can audit trends at a later date.

UKHSA algorithm: Eligibility and which vaccines to use

The UK Health Security Agency (UKHSA) have produced an IPV Booster Campaign algorithm poster for healthcare professionals. It visualises eligibility and which vaccines to use. 


I have been shown CEG data that does not tally with the one I get when I run the searches, why is this?

CEG only runs the data once a week and if you run it later that day or another day, the data will not tally. You can run the data we send to NEL yourself by using the Activity counts folder rather than the CALL folder.

I completed all my invitations, but now there are a few children in the ‘TOTAL still eligible, still not invited, not declined’ search, why?

This could be because more children have registered with your practice. We would suggest that once you have run this search to zero, you take a screenshot to prove that you have finished the job of inviting children. Whether you want to invite those new children because of the clinical value, that is another matter, but contractually, you can say that you have finished the task that was set for you.

I have sent all my invitations (zeroed the TOTAL still eligible, still not invited, not declined search) but when I run the activity counts, EMIS shows that I have only done, say 90% or 85%, what is wrong?

The search that counts the invites runs from the total number of children who are the relevant age, but some of them are not eligible because they had their pre-school booster recently. But when NEL compile the data, they will calculate the percentage of invites from the number of children minus the non eligible. 

The reports says I have more than 100% rate of invites, how can that be?

Because of how the percentage is calculated, as explained above, this may happen. It could be that some invites have gone to non eligible children either by mistake, or because at the time of inviting them they appeared eligible but subsequent data entry has shown they are not. 

What does ‘TOTAL children given unclassified polio vaccine’ mean?

NHS England want to know which vaccinations are routine and which are additional. We wrote searches for that, but there are cases when the searches cannot tell. For example, if a 5 year old child has registered recently after immigrating, it is very possible that you have not been able to record their vaccinations, but when they bring they child in, they tell you the child is up to date with their immunisations and you just give an additional pre-school booster. The searches cannot tell if it is routine or additional because there is insufficient data. 

Recording vaccinations given by other providers

I have been told to record polio vaccinations given by other providers and enter the ODS code and vaccination centre name. How do I do this?

There is no qualifier attached to vaccination codes that you can use to record the ODS code, you will have to write it in free text. If the vaccination centre name is missing in the csv file you can choose to look it up in the online directory, or you can email and ask that they give it to you.

How do I make it clear that the vaccination was given by another provider?

Tick the qualifier ‘not GMS’. If you tick ‘GMS’ you are effectively making a CQRS claim for that vaccine, which would not be correct in this case.

In Tower Hamlets only, if the vaccination was given by the GP Care Group you have been advised to tick ‘GMS’ and the GP Care Group will invoice you later.

Some of the children in the file I received are not registered with us, what do I do?


Queries about the Polio Booster Campaign 

CEG is working in collaboration with NHS North East London Health and Care Partnership to support practices through the polio booster campaign. Please send any queries about the implementation of the campaign to: for central consideration and response.


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