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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Tower Hamlets

Tower hamlets


TH Practice Update 22nd July 2021
EMIS QOF Icons, APL-AF Searches, New SNOMED Code For PCOS

TH Practice Update 15th July 2021
PCOS And Other SNOMED Codes Made Inactive

TH Practice Update 8th July 2021
MECC For Covid Vaccination System One

TH Practice Update 28th June 2021
New Searches For IIF, EMIS Technical Issues, QOF Asthma

TH Practice Update 17th June 2021
Bringing Forward The Second Dose, Cancer QOF Advice, New Templates

TH Practice Update 3rd June 2021
CEG Dashboards




TH Templates and Protocols catalogue March 2021 [PDF 615KB] [PDF 87KB]

TH Flu factfile (2020-21) [PDF 301KB]

Tower Hamlets Search User Guide 2019-20 [PDF 1,213KB]

Paediatric Asthma Resources in TH CEG [PDF 384KB]


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