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The following will be useful to practices across North East London:

seasonal FLU vaccination

CEG Fact File - Seasonal Flu campaign 2021-22 [PDF 229KB]

EMIS and SystmOne can automatically record pharmacy flu vaccinations in the patient record by auto-filing notifications from outside the practice. This feature is optional and needs to be enabled:

How to activate auto-file for flu vaccine messages at your organisation - EMIS [PDF 414KB]

How to activate auto-file for flu vaccine messages at your organisation - SystmOne [PDF 361KB]



APL-Imms guidance - Access the step-by-step User Guide for CEG's new child imms call/recall tool, FAQs and demo videos

Child Imms 2021-22 what you need to know (Nov 2021 CEG) [PDF 741KB]

How to use CEG child imms call-recall searches-reports v1 [PDF 252KB]

CEG guide to checking your monthly GPES extractions in EMISWeb v1 [PDF 272KB]

CEG Guide - Changes to the Childhood Immunisation programme 2021-22 [PDF 202KB]

FAQs Childhood Immunisation Programme 2021-22 [PDF 267KB]

CEG Guide - MMR Catch-up Service 2021-22 [PDF 269KB]

CEG Guide - SCID screening and Childhood Immunisations [PDF 223KB]



other useful resources

How to copy CEG searches into your practice domain and archive old versions [PDF 309KB]

How to mail merge in EMIS [PDF 184KB] and How to mail merge in SystmOne [PDF 477KB] using a method that saves the letter to the patient record automatically.

How to associate a code with incoming FIT results in EMIS [PDF 190KB] - As part of the Investment and Impact Fund (IIF), all fast track referrals for suspected lower gastrointestinal cancer must be accompanied by a FIT result (faecal immunochemical test result). Follow this step by step to code results automatically as they come in.

How to set up appointment mapping - EMIS [PDF 317KB] and How to set up appointment mapping - SystmOne [PDF 535KB]

CEG Guide to Personalised Care Adjustment [PDF 200KB]

CEG Fact File - Weight Management Enhanced Service 2021-22 [PDF 217KB] 

CEG Fact File - NEL Supplementary Care Home Service, 2021-22 [PDF 144KB]



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