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Clinical Effectiveness Group

EMIS Web Materials

emis web materials

Clinical Templates

CEG provide clinical templates for the following GP clinical systems: EMIS Web, System One and Vision and they cover QOF and local enhanced services requirements and national clinical guideline recommendations.  Our suite of EMIS web templates include Childhood Immunisations, Womens Health, NHS Health Checks. We have developed a SMART LTC Review Template - one template which can be used when reviewing patients with either one or multiple long term conditions.  

All our clinical templates have a template guide detailing the contents of each template.  Please find below examples of our template guides.   For complete list of all our templates please contact CEG.

Examples of CEG Templates

Womens Health Template Guide TH (vr10) [PDF 556KB]

Childhood Immunisations CEG RP Template Guide (vr17) [PDF 501KB]

Travel Clinic TH CEG (RP) Template Guide (v5) [PDF 279KB]

CKD Waltham Forest Template Guide CEG v5 [PDF 593KB]

Prevalence Improvement Searches

Prevalence Searches are currently under review. 


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