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The Active Practice Link (APL) tools are practice facing clinical tools that show in the GP practice, the characteristics of people with a particular condition - atrial fibrillation, heart failure, hypoglycaemic risk.

APL - CVD Tool

The APL-CVD tool supports the REAL-HEALTH programme's "Triple Aim: Optimising CVD medicines" initiative. The tool will enable “virtual patient reviews” in the GP practice to identify patients with CVD not optimally treated and to support medication reviews.  The APL-CVD tool is currently in beta-testing with an anticipated Q1 2020 release date.  

APL - AF Tool

The APL-AF tool shows patients with atrial fibrillation on aspirin monotherapy and age, CHADSVASC, calculates their HASBLED score and their social situation (housebound) and comorbidities like palliative care, dementia or diabetes/COPD/CVD.  It illustrates control of other risk factors like statin use and BP control and rapidly identifies high risk patients with AF who are not taking anticoagulants.  It provides a snapshot of any patient on the practice AF register and can be used to target and recall people where management could be improved.

CEG clinical tools are designed to be used with GP practice electronic health records.  Every effort is made to reduce errors and omissions during their construction (see clinical safety record in Information Governance).  All electronic tools are an aid to clinical management.  They do not replace the need for clinical judgement based on personal knowledge of the patient.

The APL-AF tool can be obtained by completing the request form which follows.

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