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Opportunistic pulse checks in primary care to improve recognition of atrial fibrillation, May 2018 [PDF 110KB]

Cole J, Torabi P, Dostal I, Homer K, Robson J.  BJGP, Online First 2018

Using the electronic health record to build a culture of practice safety, April 2018 [PDF 468KB]

Mathur R, Dreyer G, Yaqoob MM, Hull SA. BMJ, Open 2018

Ethnic differences in the progression of chronic kidney disease and risk of death in a UK diabetic population: an observational cohort study, Feb 2018 [PDF 600KB]

Mathur R, Dreyer G, Yaqoob MM, Hull SA. BMJ, Open 2018

Population and patient factors affecting emergency department attendance in London, Jan 2018 [PDF 1,160KB]

Hull SA, Homer K, Boomla K, Robson J, Ashworth M.  BJGP, Online First 2018

Press Release: Long Term health conditions drive A&E visits, not lack of GP services, Jan 2018 [PDF 210KB]

Publications pre 2018 are filed under the following themes:

Cardiovascular Disease/Prevention

The NHS Health Check: an evaluation of the first four years, Nov 2017 [PDF 964KB]

Robson J, Dostal I, Sheikh A, Eldridge S, Madurasinghe V, Griffiths C, Coupland C, Hippisley-Cox J. BMJ Open, Nov 2016

NHS Health Check comorbidity and management: an observational matched study, Dec 2016 [PDF 218KB]

Robson J, Dostal I, Madurasinghe V, Sheikh A, Hull SA, Boomla K, Griffiths C, Eldridge S.  BJGP, Online First 2016

Statin Prescribing for primary prevention of cardiovascular disease, Aug 2015 [PDF 251KB]

Homer K, Boomla K, Hull SA, Dostal I, Mathur R, Robson J. BJGP 2015

The NHS Health Check Programme: Implementation in east London 2009-2011, April 2015 [PDF 928KB]

Robson J, Dostal I, Madurasinghe V, Sheikh A, Hull SA, Boomla K, Page H, Griffiths C, Eldridge S. BMJ Open 2015

Clinical value of chest pain presentation and prodomes on the assessment of cardiovascular disease: a cohort study, April 2015 [PDF 576KB]

Robson J, Ayerbe L, Mathur R, Addo J, Wragg A.  BMJ Open 2015

Patient safety and estimation of renal function in patients prescribed new oral anticoagulants for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation: a cross-sectional study, 2013 [PDF 1,080KB]

MacCallum PK, Mathur R, Hull SA, Saja K, Green L, Morris JK, Ashman N.  BMJ Open 2013

Ethnicity and stroke risk in patients with atrial fibrillation, May 2013 [PDF 274KB]

Mathur R, Pollara E, Hull SA, Schofield P, Ashworth M, Robson J.  Heart 2013

Cardiovascular multimorbidity: the effect of ethnicity on prevalence and risk factor management, May 2011 [PDF 144KB]

Mathur R, Hull SA, Badrick E, Robson J. BJGP 2011

Derivation, validation, and evaluation of a new QRISK model to estimate lifetime risk of cardiovascular disease: cohort study using QResearch database, 2010 [PDF 155KB]

Hippisley-Cox J, Coupland C, Robson J, Brindle P. BMJ Online First 2010

DOH Health Checks Evaluation Reports

CEG have produced a number of reports on the NHS Health Check Programme for DOH

DH Reports


Reduction in self monitoring of blood glucose in type 2 diabetes, April 2015 [PDF 218KB]

Robson J, Smithers H, Chowdhury T, Bennett-Richards P, Keene D, Dostal I, Mathur R, Dunne J, Hull SA, Boomla K.  BJGP 2015

Improving outcomes for Type 2 diabetic patients using general practice networks, Aug 2013 [PDF 1,072KB]

Hull SA, Chowdhury T, Mathur R, Robson J.  BMJ Qual Saf 2014

Ethnic and social disparity in glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes: cohort study in general practice 2004-9, 2012 [PDF 1,003KB]

James GD, Baker P, Badrick E, Mathur R, Hull SA, Robson J.  J R Soc Med 2012

Quantifying the risk of type 2 diabetes in East London using the QDscore: a cross-sectional analysis, Oct 2012 [PDF 364KB]

Mathur R, Noble D, Smith D, Greenhalgh T, Robson J.  BJGP 2012

Feasibility study of geospatial mapping of chronic disease risk to inform public health commissioning, Feb 2012 [PDF 1,813KB]

Noble D, Smith D, Mathur R, Robson J, Greenhalgh T.  BMJ Open 2012


National Chronic Kidney Disease Audit // National Report: Part 2 December 2017 [PDF 3,538KB]

Kim LG, Cleary F, Wheeler DC, Caplin B, Nitsch D, Hull SA. National CKD Audit 2017

How do primary care doctors in England and Wales code and manage people with chronic kidney disease? Results from the National Chronic Kidney Disease Audit [PDF 187KB]

Kim LG, Cleary F, Wheeler DC, Caplin B, Nitsch D, Hull SA. Nephrol Dial Transplant 2017

Evaluating ethnic differences in the prescription of NSAIDs for CKD, July 2014 [PDF 84KB]

Hull SA, Mathur R, Dreyer G, Yaqoob MM.  BJGP 2014

Progression of CKD in a multi-ethnic community cohort of patients with diabetes mellitus, March 2013 [PDF 187KB]

Dreyer G, Hull SA, Mathur R,  Chesser A, Yaqoob MM.  Diabetic Medicine 2013

A cohort study on the rate of progression of diabetic chronic kidney disease in different ethnic groups, 2013 [PDF 167KB]

Ali O, Mohiuddin A, Mathur R, Dreyer G, Hull SA, Yaqoob MM. BMJ Open 2013

Respiratory Disease

Four patients with a history of acute exacerbations of COPD: implementing the CHEST/Canadian Thoracic Society Guidelines, May 2015 [PDF 503KB]

Tsiligianni I, Goodridge D, Marciniuk D, Hull SA, Bourbeau J.  Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 2015

Impact of asthma on educational attainment in a socioeconomically deprived population, Nov 2012 [PDF 158KB]

Sturdy P, Bremner S, Harper G, Mayhew L, Eldridge S, Eversley J, Sheikh A, Hunter S, Boomla K, Feder G, Prescott K, Griffiths C. PLOS One 2012

Effect of ethnicity on the prevalence, severity, and management of COPD in general practice, Feb 2012 [PDF 128KB]

Martin A, Badrick E, Mathur R, Hull SA. BJGP 2012

Implementation Science

New ways of working; delivering better care for people with long-term conditions [PDF 864KB]

Tzortziou Brown V, Patel I, Thomas N, Tomlinson J, Roberts R, Rayner H, Ashman N, Hull SA. London Journal of Primary Care 2017

The impact of a social prescribing service on patients in primary care: a mixed methods evaluation [PDF 575KB]

Carnes D, Sohanpal R, Frostick C, Hull SA, Mathur R, Netuveli G, Tong J, Hutt P, Bertotti M. BMC Health Services Research 2017

Building managed primary care practice networks to deliver better clinical care: a qualitative semi-structured interview study, April 2017 [PDF 133KB]

Pawa J, Robson J, Hull SA. BJGP, Online First 2017

Improving outcomes for people with COPD by developing networks of general practices, Aug 2014 [PDF 535KB]

Hull SA, Mathur R, Lloyd-Owen S, Round T, Robson J.  Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 2014

Improving anticoagulation in atrial fibrillation, May 2014 [PDF 191KB]

Robson J, Dostal I, Mathur R, Sohanpal R, Hull S, Antoniou S, MacCallum P, Schilling R, Ayerbe L, Boomla K.  BJGP 2014

Improving cardiovascular disease using managed networks in general practice: an observational study, May 2014 [PDF 170KB]

Robson J, Hull SA, Mathur R, Boomla K. BJGP 2014

Improving MMR Vaccination rates: herd immunity is a realistic goal, 2011 [PDF 551KB]

Cockman P, Dawson L, Mathur R, Hull SA.  BMJ 2011

Health Inequalities and Ethnicity

The relationship of ethnicity to the prevalence and management of hypertension and associated chronic kidney disease [PDF 378KB]

Hull SA, Dreyer G, Badrick E, Chesser A, Yaqoob MM. BMC Nephrology 2011

Ethnic differences in smoking intensity and COPD risk: an observational study in primary care [PDF 454KB]

Gilkes A, Hull SA, Durbaba S, Schofield P, Ashworth M, Mathur R, White P. npj Primary Care Respiratory Medicine 2017

Is individual smoking behaviour influenced by area-level ethnic density? A cross-sectional electronic health database study of inner south-east London [PDF 696KB]

Mathur R, Schofield P, Smith D, Gilkes A, White P, Hull SA. ERJ 2017

Ethnic differences in primary care management of diabetes and cardiovascular disease in people with SMI, Aug 2012 [PDF 115KB]

Mathur R, Hull SA, Boomla K, Robson J.   BJGP 2012

Ethnicity and the diagnosis gap in liver disease: a population based study, Nov 2014 [PDF 121KB]

Alazawi W, Mathur R, Abeysekera K, Hull S, Boomla K, Robson J, Foster GR.   BJGP 2014

Recording ethnicity in primary care, May 2011 [PDF 112KB]

Hull SA, Mathur R, Badrick E, Robson J, Boomla K.  BJGP 2011

Research into practice ethnic differences in healthcare usage and outcomes, Dec 2014 [PDF 48KB]

Hull SA, Mathur R, Boomla K, Chowdhury TA, Dreyer G, Alazawi W, Robson J.   BJGP 2014

Health equity audits in general practice: a strategy to reduce health inequalities, 2013 [PDF 258KB]

Badrick E, Hull SA, Mathur R, Shajahan S, Boomla K, Bremner S, Robson J. Primary Health Care Research and Development 2013

Collection of Data on Race and Ethnic Group by Physician Practices, July 2010 [PDF 157KB]

Hull SA, Dreyer G, Yaqoob M.  Letter. NEJM 2010

Other Topics

"Test me and treat me" attitudes to vitamin D deficiency and supplementation, Jan 2015 [PDF 1,272KB]

Kotta S, Gadhvi D, Jakeways N, Saeed M, Sohanpal R, Hull SA, Famakin O, Martineau A, Griffiths C.  BMJ Open 2015

Promotion of rapid testing for HIV in primary care (RHIVA2): a cluster-randomised controlled trial, April 2015 [PDF 220KB]

Leber W, McMullen H, Anderson J, Marlin N, Santos AC, Bremner S, Boomla K, et.  The Lancet HIV. 2015

Unmasking quality: exploring meanings of health by doing art, 2015 [PDF 372KB]

Kelly M, Rivas C, Foell J, Llewellyn-Dunn J, England D, Cocciadiferro A, Hull SA. BMC Family Practice 2015

GP funding formula masks major inequalities for practices in deprived areas [Letter], Dec 2014 [PDF 774KB]

Boomla K, Hull SA, Robson J. BMJ 2014

A landmark study of collective action by general practices, May 2014 [PDF 32KB]

Editorial.  BJGP 2014

Health inequalities affect the health of all, Dec 2010 [PDF 76KB]

Hull SA. Editorial. BJGP 2010







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