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Clinical Effectiveness Group

East London Database


The East London Database is a point-in time/snapshot resource holding data extracted from searches run in EMIS at 1st April, based on their registered GP population for Newham, City & Hackney, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest.

The database contains practice content - over 1 million patients - and also holds data covering over 80 patient diseases/conditions with values relating to the latest recorded patient tests (e.g. blood pressure, HbA1c, Cholesterol) along with smoking status and BMI.

As the data is organised in related tables that are populated at patient level, this allows, for example, a patients' disease/condition status to be combined with demographic information (patient age, gender, ethnicity etc).

Also available within the data is the patient's residential code for LSOA (lower layer super output area) allowing additional geographical insight through ward aggregation or other regional/authority groupings.

Using nationally-assigned tabulated IMD scores (the index of Multiple Deprivations - generated for all LSOA codes) it is also possible to produce analysis that incorporate indicators of deprivation (rank, quintile etc).

This provides a strategic resource for analysts across the region. 

City and Hackney use of CEG Database

This link shows many of the uses of CEG Data in reports by the London Borough of City and Hackney

Visualising Data

The data is used extensively to represent key health and demographic indicators of the population of east London see visual examples below.

Comparision of patients with BMI 30 or more with or without SMI by area


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