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Clinical Effectiveness Group

Information Governance

Information Governance

The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) is part of Queen Mary University of London, and complies with their Information Governance Policies.

QMUL Information Governance

CEG currently performs to Information Governance Toolkit Level 3 (100%) and are working towards equivalent standards in the Data Security and Protection Toolkit.

Information standards underpin national healthcare initiatives from the Department of Health, NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and other national health organisations.  CEG conforms to these requirements. 

Clinical Risk Management

Clinical Effectiveness Group design, build, deploy and maintain the following tools for use in primary care.

  • APL Clinical Tools
  • Clinical Trigger Tools
  • Clinical Templates/protocols/documents
  • Clinical searches

CEG has a Clinical Safety Report for setting out the risks and management of these tools.  The tools that we build are aids to clinical decision making and does not replace the need for clinical judgement in each individual clinical circumstance.

Clinical Safety Report for CEG Clinical Tools 2019 [PDF 250KB]

See NHS Digital Clinical Risk Management web pages for more details.

NHS Digital Clinical Risk Management: its Application in the Deployment and use of Health IT systems


General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR)

The Clinical Effectiveness Group (CEG) is part of Queen Mary University of London, and complies with their GDPR policies.


CEG have provided the following tools on our website for use in primary care.

  • Suite of prevalence improvement searches (EMIS)
  • APL-AF tool
  • Falling eGFR tool

Prior to downloading the tools CEG request some personal information - email/role/organisation name/type.  We do this firstly to audit the numbers and types of organisations that use our tools, and secondly to inform users if a serious error is identified with our tools. 




CEG constantly review and update our Governance Policies to ensure accuracy and compliance.


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