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Sexual Health, HIV All East Research Group (SHARE)

Theme 4: Exploring the bigger picture to achieve health equity

Members of the public walking along Whitechapel street market in east LondonOverview

Many communities served by Barts Health experience socio-economic deprivation and health inequities. Although HIV diagnosis and treatment targets are being met in other parts of the capital, people in Newham and Waltham Forest do not have such good outcomes.

The SHARE team is working in partnership with local people to develop collective knowledge about HIV and sexual health. This approach will provide rich understanding of the health needs of local people and help find ways towards health equity whilst ensuring no one is left behind.

Dr Vanessa Apea, Professor Chris Griffiths and Professor Jane Anderson are leading this research theme.


Lived experience will be at the heart of the SHARE research collaborative. This theme will include:

  • Using an adapted version of the James Lind Alliance Priority Setting Partnerships, which enables clinicians, patients, carers, and other people to work together on health research.
  • Establishing a remunerated local community advisory board to provide input, define and challenge the design, development, implementation, analysis, and dissemination of our research.
  • Working with existing networks and projects with intersecting interests and skills (e.g., the ALIVE study that evaluates the lived experience of women of Black African heritage).
  • Recruiting local people living with HIV to be part of our research – having a deep understanding of a range of lived experience will inform interventions and help to improve outcomes and provide relevant insights for other medical conditions.

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