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Sexual Health, HIV All East Research Group (SHARE)

Theme 1: Achieving better long-term outcomes in HIV management

Two researchers conducting research in a lab using a microscope and a computerOverview

With early treatment, people with HIV can expect a normal life expectancy and are not able to transmit the infection to other people. The treatment is daily antiretroviral therapy (ART), which stops the virus from replicating in the body.

Daily treatment requires daily good decision-making, which some find hard to manage. This can have serious clinical outcomes.

SHARE recognises the urgent need to develop new longer-acting injectable treatments that free patients from the burden of taking tablets daily and that could facilitate remission or cure.

Professor Chloe Orkin and Dr John Thornhill are leading this research theme.


To help bridge the gap between treatment and cure, SHARE is improving access to clinical research for people living with HIV in the parts of east London served by Barts Health. Our activities for this research theme include:

  • Conducting clinical trials and implementation studies of long-acting treatments and novel therapeutics, such as injectables, implantables and other nanotechnologies.
  • Researching long-term remission and potential cures.
  • Engaging people living with HIV who are served by Whipps Cross Hospital and Newham Hospital, whose views are under-represented and where HIV outcomes are particularly poor.
  • Facilitating inclusion of under-represented groups like pregnant and breast-feeding women in clinical trials.
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