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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Graduation Day for Queen Mary - Nanchang University students

On 24 June, 215 BSc Biomedical Sciences students graduated as part of Queen Mary University of London's joint programme with Nanchang University in China.

Graduation ceremony in Nanchang, China

Graduation ceremony in Nanchang, China

The graduating students are the second cohort to graduate from the Joint Programme, having begun their studies in 2014. These students leave with awards from both universities: Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Queen Mary University of London, and Bachelor of Medicine in Clinical Medicine from Nanchang University. Many of this cohort will now go on to universities around the world to continue with postgraduate study, including two that will carry out their postgraduate study at Queen Mary’s campuses in London.

Attending the graduation ceremony at Nanchang University, and helping the students to celebrate their success, were Queen Mary President and Principal, Professor Colin Bailey; Vice-Principal and Executive Dean (Science and Engineering), Professor Wen Wang; Head of the School of Biological and Chemical Sciences (SBCS), Professor Richard Pickersgill; Dr Mark Maconochie and other academics from SBCS.

Valued members of our community

Professor Colin Bailey told the graduating students: “I hope that your pride in your achievements and in Queen Mary, your University, will encourage you to remain in close contact with us. You are, and will remain, a valued member of our community. On behalf of everyone at Queen Mary, I wish you all every success and good fortune for the future”.

President of Nanchang University, Professor Chuangbing Zhou also addressed the students.  He said: “Your outstanding performance cannot be separated from the hard work of both Chinese and British faculty members, the support and help of all sectors of society, and even more your own hard work”.

Following this graduation ceremony, Professor Bailey and Professor Zhou met to sign a new Memorandum of Agreement that commits both universities to the establishment of a Joint Research Institute of Biomedical and Precision Medical Sciences.



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