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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Congratulations to our academic excellence prizewinners!

The School of Biological and Chemical Sciences awarded prizes to over 30 students for outstanding academic excellence. Most of the prizes were awarded to graduating students but a few were given to first and second year students who have done exceptionally well in their studies so far.


It was a double triumph for Ambika Kumar who was named Course Rep of the Year at the Education Awards and won the Institute of Biomedical Science prize for academic excellence.

Prize winners

Alaina Toni Morgan
Ambika Kumar
Amin Salehi
Anna Millicant Woodhouse
Ashley Laurence Dey
Fahima Idiris
Farzaneh Pourmasoumi
Fatemeh Alemi
Hataf Khan
Hatice Kasap
Hatice Kasap
Kajanthini Kodeswaren
Khushbakht Khan
Laura Dallas
Liam Naoise
Michael Robert Willis
Natalia Martynyuk
Nazia Akthar
Nicholas Owain Bakewell
Nizam Karim
Pixie Gemma Turner
Rachel Stephanie O’Connor
Rosalind Grace Beckett
Sahresh Hussain
Sajidah Begum
Samuel Charles Bean
Trisha Premji Lalji Hirani
Yasmin Zeina
Yinglun (Alan) Hua
Younes Fegheh Hassanpour
Yusef Eamon Badi



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