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School of Biological and Behavioural Sciences

Chemistry festival creates a bang at Queen Mary


Wednesday 15 May 2013

Queen Mary, University of London threw open its chemistry laboratory-doors for a day of hands-on fun activities for the Salters' Festival of Chemistry on Wednesday 15 May.

Teams of four pupils from 12 local London schools and an international school in Luxembourg (aged 11-13 years old) used their analytical chemistry skills to solve the Salters' Challenge: 'The mystery of the body in the staff room'.

In the afternoon, they took part in the 'University Challenge', a practical activity which required them to develop a range of different colours in test tubes.

The School of Biological and Chemical Science's senior chemistry research technician Jalal Hamdan gave a fun lecture involving flash-bang demonstrations involving the use of liquid nitrogen, dry ice and the defence mechanism of the bombardier beetle.

The day ended with a prizegiving ceremony where all participants were given individual fun prizes and participation certificates.

The Salters' Festival of Chemistry at *Queen Mary, University of London is one of a series of 49 Festivals taking place at Universities throughout the UK and the Republic of Ireland between April and July 2013.

The Salters' Festivals of Chemistry are an initiative of The Salters' Institute, whose aim is to promote the appreciation of chemistry and related sciences among the young.



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