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School of Politics and International Relations

Dr Felipe Antunes de Oliveira, BA History (UFRJ), MA Diplomacy (IRBr), PhD International Relations (Sussex)


Senior Lecturer in Development and Global Governance

Room Number: Arts One, 2.30B
Twitter: @faobr
Office Hours: On secondment until 2025


Felipe Antunes de Oliveira joined SPIR in January 2021 as Lecturer in International Development and Global Governance. His research intersects Latin American Political Economy and International Relations Theory. He is particularly interested in dependency theory, decolonial theory, and uneven and combined development.

Felipe’s professional experience includes high-level international policy practice in government and international organizations, as well as teaching and research. As a career diplomat, he worked at the Department of South American Politics of the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations (2012-2014). He also acted as advisor to Brazilian Executive Director at the International Monetary Fund (IMF) (2019-2020). Before joining SPIR, he lectured at Sussex University (2017-2018).

He is currently writing up his book In the Name of Development: Dependency and Crisis in Brazil and Argentina, under contract with the University of Pittsburgh Press. 


Research Interests:

Latin American Political Economy

History of Economic Ideas in the Global South

Global Economic Governance

Development Studies

International Relations Theory

Examples of research funding:

Sussex Research Hive Scholarship (2016-2017)

Latin American Perspectives Fellowship (2022)


Peer-reviewed research articles:

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2022). Lost and Found: Bourgeois Dependency Theory and the Forgotten Roots of Neodevelopmentalism. Latin American Perspectives, 49(1), 36-56.

Reis, N., & de Oliveira, F. A. (2021). Peripheral financialization and the transformation of dependency: a view from Latin America. Review of International Political Economy, (online first), 1-24.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2021). Of economic whips and political necessities: a contribution to the international political economy of uneven and combined development. Cambridge Review of International Affairs, 34(2), 267-295.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2020). Development for whom? Beyond the developed/underdeveloped dichotomy. Journal of International Relations and Development23(4), 924-946.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2019). ‘The rise of the Latin American far-right explained: dependency theory meets uneven and combined development.’ Globalizations, 16(7), pp. 1145-1164. DOI: 10.1080/14747731.2019.1567977 2

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2019). ‘Development for whom? Beyond the developed/underdeveloped dichotomy.’ Online first. Journal of International Relations and Development, pp. 1-23. DOI:10.1057/s41268-019-00173-9

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2014). ‘O problema da multiplicidade política para o materialismo histórico: as análises dos sistemas-mundo e o desenvolvimento desigual e combinado.’ Textos de Economia, 17(2), pp.107-127. (In Portuguese)

Book chapters and Working papers:

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2021).  ‘Who are the Superexploited? – Dependency, Gender and Race’ in Global Capitalism in Latin America and Europe: from situations to mechanisms of dependency. Edited by Madariaga, A. and Palestini, S. Palgrave MacMillian (forthcoming).

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2018). ‘The ebbing of the Pink Tide or permanent underdevelopment? Dependency theory meets uneven and combined development.’ SUSSEX / CGPE Working Paper Series, n.14.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2017). ‘Política Externa e Desenvolvimento – Que horas o desenvolvimento chega?’ in Novos olhares sobre a política externa brasileira. Edited by Westmann, G. Editora Contexto, pp.19-35. (In Portuguese)

Book reviews:

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2020) ‘Democracy in the prison of political science.’ Online First. International Political Science Review. DOI: 0192512120932435.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2020). Whitener, Brian (2019) Crisis Cultures: The Rise of Finance in Mexico and Brazil, University of Pittsburgh Press (Pennsylvania, PA). Bulletin of Latin American Research, 39(3), 416-418.

Antunes de Oliveira, F. (2017). ‘A Radical Invitation for Latin America - The Legacy of Andre Gunder Frank's' Development of Underdevelopment'.’ MONTHLY REVIEW, 69(1), pp. 50-59. DOI:10.14452/MR-069-01-2017-05_4

Blogs and Media:

‘Dependency, Gender, and Race’, Developing Economics, 12 September 2021

‘True Colours’, NLR Sidecar 25 June 2021

‘Vania Bambirra: a voice from the Global South’, Women in the history of international thought, 21 July 2020.

‘Brazil’s economy: Why I was wrong to be an optimist’, The Conversation, 17 August 2018.

‘Lula or nothing? The dilemmas of the Brazilian left’, Monthly Review Online, 09 July 2018

‘Peripheral Fascism—theory and practice’, Monthly Review Online, 14 April 2018

‘Why Brazil’s economic rollercoaster is far from over’, The Conversation, April 13, 2016. 


Chutando a escada (in Portuguese) - 2021


Bolsonaro and Peripheral Fascism – Latin American Perspectives 2022


I am interested in supervising PhD students working on International Political Economy, Global Governance, and Contemporary Latin American Politics.

Public Engagement

Career Diplomat at the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations

Government Provided Advisor (GPA) at the International Monetary Fund (2019-2020)

Visiting Scholar at Georgetown University Center for Latin American Studies (2019-2020)

Lecturer in International Relations at the University of Sussex (2017-2018)

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