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School of Politics and International Relations

Johnson was just a symptom of Tory sickness


Tim Bale, a professor of politics at Queen Mary University of London, said the issues being raised in the leadership race as key to Conservatives - above all Brexit - did not reflect the priorities of the country as a whole. Professor Bale also says the fact that Euro-sceptics adore Truss while suspecting Sunak of pro-EU views — despite that fact that he backed “leave” in the referendum — shows the importance of image over substance in politics.

Reflecting on the historically diverse slate of candidates in the Party's leadership race, Queen Mary's professor of politics Rainbow Murray commented: “This is all happening very intentionally. The Conservatives have long had an image problem; they looked old-fashioned, stuck in the past, and not known for inclusive values. They decided they needed to reinvent themselves.”

This was covered in BBC World News (9m), the Times, Financial Times, Daily Mail, Independent, BBC Radio 5 Live (1h30), ABC News, Bloomberg, Washington Post, New York Times, LA Times, Politico, Times Radio (3h4), BBC Radio London (1h24) and LBC News



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