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French Elections coverage


Ahead of the French presidential run-off yesterday, Professor Rainbow Murray from the School of Politics and International Relations at Queen Mary told Sky News how Le Pen’s economic policies attract voters. Prof Murray warned the Express that Le Pen's "divisive politics would see the West lose a crucial ally", although in another interview she said Macron "has not been a friend to the UK" in Brexit negotiations. She also explained that Macron is perceived by some as “tone deaf” to the needs of everyday French people, telling “He’s seen as the president of the rich; that is where Le Pen has managed to capture that electorial market.”

Dr Françoise Boucek, another Queen Mary expert in French politics, spoke to the Mirror ahead of the polls this weekend and said: "In places like Lille, it’s all about who can appeal to those who feel left behind by the elite in Paris.” Our Professor of International Economics and Economic Policy, Brigitte Granville, was also quoted in the Washington Post having coined the phrase ‘French Caesarism’ which exemplifies President Macron.

This was covered in Sky NewsExpressMirror



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