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The Tory ‘war on woke’ has a manifesto – and its targets are crushingly familiar


Professor Tim Bale at Queen Mary University of London writes in the Guardian on a collection of essays from the ultra-traditionalist Common Sense Group – a group set up by Conservative MP John Hayes which argues against ‘rampant liberalism’ and ‘wokeness’.

He writes that it’s a mixed bag in terms of topics covered and willingness to propose specific, workable policies. And that any genuine attempt to generate a worthwhile discussion rapidly evaporates in the heat of a heady mixture of hyperbole, highly questionable assertions, and frankly risible conspiracy theory. He notes that there are some worthy exceptions, however.

He concludes by asking the question of whether given the government’s current complexion, other politicians will be quite as keen as their culturally conservative colleagues to express their views in print, or elsewhere.

This was covered in the Guardian



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