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School of Politics and International Relations

Mile End Institute podcast


Iain Dale, a British broadcaster and political commentator has reviewed Queen Mary's Mile End Institute podcast. He writes: "This podcast is much more engaging and interesting than the title might suggest. Bale [Professor of Politics at Queen Mary] knows how to interview and to get the best out of his guests who range from book authors to people involved at the sharp end of politics. The first episode I listened to last year was about life in Number 10, featuring Theresa May’s chief of staff, along with Patrick Diamond, who lectures at Queen Mary University of London but was also an adviser in Number 10 under Tony Blair, and Jill Rutter who worked in Downing Street under John Major as a civil servant." The Mile End Institute Podcast was launched in 2020 and has covered a range of topics including Brexit, the US Presidential Election and party politics.

Listen to the Podcast here



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