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Priti Patel launches new post-Brexit immigration plan under a new points-based system that favours high-skilled applicants


Home Secretary, Priti Patel, says this system is firmer and fairer, will take back control of Britain's borders, crack down on foreign criminals and build a brighter future. Concerns from the opposition are that given the recent pandemic, there simply hasn't been the amount of time necessary to scrutinise all of these issues. With requirements of English language skills, salary thresholds and scoring enough points, there are also concerns from many businesses in different sectors that all of a sudden, their workforces will be significantly depleted, at a time of much needed recovery. When asked whether this immigration plan is fair, Professor Tim Bale, from Queen Mary University of London, said: "It's certainly one that's going to be popular - it fulfils the promise that the government made during and after the Brexit referendum, that the UK would take back control of its immigration system. It means now that EU citizens don't get any preferential treatment when compared with citizens from other countries in the world."

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