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Mile End Institute poll reveals Londoners’ attitudes towards working from home and mayoral election


Nearly half of Londoners (45 per cent) spent some time working from home during the coronavirus pandemic. Out of those, 47 per cent said that it impacted negatively on their mental health, according to the latest survey from the Mile End Institute at Queen Mary University of London. Co-Director of the Mile End Institute, Professor Tim Bale, said: “Our research suggests that working from home can impose considerable stresses and strains – especially perhaps for those living in less spacious flats and houses."

Londoners were also asked for their views on the London mayoral race. The poll showed first round support for Conservative contender Shaun Bailey rising from 24 per cent in early March to 30 per cent in mid-November. Professor Tim Bale said: "Even if Sadiq Khan doesn’t pull off a first-round win — which is fairly unlikely even with the lead he has at the moment — Shaun Bailey would have to make up an awful lot of ground before he’d stand even a slim chance of a surprise victory next year."

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