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Israel annexation plan denounced


Dr Toby Greene, from Queen Mary University of London, joined Scope with Waqar Rizvi on Indus TV to discuss the international response to Netanyahu's West Bank annexation intentions. The Israeli coalition agreement says that Netanyahu can bring proposals agreed with the Trump administration to the cabinet, or Knesset, from 1 July, and Trump's advisors have been considering their position. When asked for his opinion on the fact that a growing number are speaking in opposition of this, even in countries that are traditionally allies of Israel, Dr Greene said: "This reflects a very broad view across many states including the West and Europe, that this step would be very damaging to prospects for a future negotiated agreement between Israelis and Palestinians." Dr Greene highlighted that this would not be the only factor that may deter the Israeli coalition from moving ahead with these steps, but other, perhaps more effective, factors are at play. These include that it may trigger unrest in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, it may undermine relations between Israel and its Arab nations and it may create problems for a future relationship between Israel and the next US government, if led by Biden.

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