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Disunited UK on Covid-19 fight


As the UK now has the fourth-highest number of Covid-19 cases in the world, BFM 89.9 discusses the government's new rules and public feeling towards them with Dr Patrick Diamond from Queen Mary University of London. Dr Diamond says: "At the moment if you look at indicators of public opinion with regard to trust in the government, and also, satisfaction with Boris Johnson's performance as Prime Minister, the general picture is that the UK public have remained broadly supportive. [...] Having said that, there is a beginning of a discussion about whether the government has handled these issues as well as it could have done and should have done." Dr Diamond goes onto the handling of particular issues including care homes, which have impacted the UK coronavirus death rate vastly in relation to other countries. He also comments on a lack of clarity in governmental messages relating to the easing of the lockdown, leading to a potential decline in trust and confidence in the current government.

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