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Boris on the brink? Why PM Johnson faces 'Herculean task' to keep Tories in Number 10


Pressure has intensified on the Prime Minister over his Government's handling of the coronavirus crisis. They have been heavily criticised for not providing enough PPE to frontline NHS staff, whilst Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer has been quick to point out apparent discrepancies on the true impact of the pandemic in care homes. Boris Johnson has also come under attack for not enforcing a nationwide lockdown soon enough as well as for confusing messaging. Commentators have remarked that it is unusual for a government to remain in power following a crisis, and winning the next election will be far more challenging than it appeared just a few months ago. Professor Tim Bale from Queen Mary University of London said: "The Conservatives have had it too easy for too long - it will take them time to remember what it means to face a credible opposition party and to work out how best to play Starmer. Many of the seats they flipped from Labour in 2019 were won on fairly small margins."

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