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Tory leadership contest: What's on the minds of party members?


Professor Tim Bale published an article for BBC News about Conservative party membership. He writes: “Most people appear to agree that Brexit is crucial. When we asked about it in a survey at the very end of last year, some 60 per cent of all UK voters ranked it the most important issue and 74 per cent of them placed it in the top three. Still, that's nothing compared with Conservative Party members surveyed, of whom, 75 per cent ranked it first and 88 per cent in the top three. But just because voters and Tory members agreed Brexit was important, it does not mean they saw eye-to-eye on the issue. This was seen when we asked people how they would vote in a referendum that gave them the choice between remaining in the EU and leaving without a deal. A stunning 76 per cent of rank and file Conservatives plumped for no deal - an option picked by only 35 per cent of voters as a whole.”
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