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Theresa May signals openness to Brexit compromise, but hurdles persist


With the clock ticking down toward last-minute talks in Brussels on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, Prime Minister Theresa May this weekend took another step away from hard-line anti-Europe lawmakers in her Conservative Party and sought to portray herself as committed to compromise talks that stalled last week. Professor Tim Bale said: “Presumably, there is some aspect of trying to convince the E.U. of her good faith in those talks.” But he said the European leaders, now schooled in the stubborn realities of domestic British politics, were likely to see that a compromise between Mrs. May and Labour’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, remained very far-off. “The other game she’s playing,” Professor Bale said, “is to try to prove to everybody outside the country and inside the country that she’s genuinely tried, and therefore the only solution is to back her original deal.”

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