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The party that wants to rule Britain seems intent on ripping itself apart


The vision of the United Kingdom laid out at the annual gathering of the country's main opposition party this week sounded like a socialist utopia. But the stark reality is that, according to the most recent polling, Corbyn has a negative approval rating of minus 60 points - making him the least popular of any opposition leader on record - and support for his party is stuck in the mid-20s. Tim Bale, Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London, told CNN: "It is a bubble of delusion really. To lay out all these jam-tomorrow promises, when you are polling in the mid-20s and your leader is the most unpopular opposition leader we have ever seen in this country, does seem ... let's say a little ambitious or far-fetched. If Brexit does occur, all economic forecasts suggest it will actually depress the GDP of the UK and therefore there will be less money than there is now available for Labour's spending pledges."
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