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Many perils ahead for Johnson before election in Britain


Shortly after six on Thursday evening, Nigel Farage, the insurgent leader of the Brexit Party, welcomed a special guest to his national radio show. President Trump, calling in from Washington to disparage Mr Corbyn and urge Mr Johnson to forge a hard-line pro-Brexit alliance with Mr Farage. In less than 30 minutes of drive-time banter, Mr Trump utterly scrambled the narrative, dominating the next day’s headlines, giving Mr Farage and his fringe party much-needed oxygen and reminding analysts that nothing in this
six-week campaign is likely to go as the soothsayers predict. Professor of Politics, Professor Tim Bale said: “It’s all about control of the narrative. If Johnson can keep the message on getting Brexit done, and if Corbyn can’t counter with his anti-austerity, populist message, the Conservatives will probably win.”
PDF available on request: The New York Times



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