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Jeremy Corbyn ramps up general election planning with Shadow Cabinet strategy day


Jeremy Corbyn has called a Labour Party Shadow Cabinet away day to step up plans for a snap general election. The news comes after reports Boris Johnson will hold a snap general election days after he pushes through Brexit. Mr Johnson has denied this, despite talk of his plan to wipe out rivals the Brexit Party and Labour. But Tim Bale, a Politics Professor at Queen Mary University of London, said a snap general election is “highly possible”. “It’s a risky gamble but Boris Johnson could do so before October 31.” The election gamble “is not unplayable,” he continued, adding that the new Prime Minster could do this to stop Parliament from sitting and force through a no deal Brexit, if it came to this scenario.

Mr Bale also quashed rumours of a Brexit Party-Conservative Party alliance. He said: “No, [an alliance is not possible]. Quite the opposite – it will be a fight. Boris Johnson’s objective is to destroy the Brexit Party by leaving the EU no matter what.”
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