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In contest to succeed Theresa May, stars are aligning for Boris Johnson


Boris Johnson’s charisma, flair for publicity and record of winning two elections as mayor of London make him the runaway favourite in a crowded field to succeed Prime Minister Theresa May, according to bookmakers. “He is the ‘In case of emergency, break the glass’ candidate,” said Tim Bale, a Professor of Politics at Queen Mary University of London. “The fire has begun and the Conservative Party is genuinely worried. That makes them more inclined to pick someone with the X factor. It’s fair to say that it’s his to lose,” Mr. Bale said of the leadership contest, before noting: “But, of course, he is perfectly capable of losing it.”

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Professor Bale also spoke about May’s resignation and her possible replacements in: BBC, Metro, The Guardian, AFP, AFP (separate article), Financial Times



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