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General election 2019: What would Winston Churchill have thought of British politics?


With a cigar in hand, Winston Churchill has been memorialised as the man who led Britain to victory in World War Two. However, while leading the country to battle, Mr Churchill also faced battles within his own party during his time as Prime Minister. Professor of Politics, Professor Tim Bale, in comparing Boris Johnson and Winston Churchill, said: “Churchill as party leader tended to stay above the arguments that were going on among his lieutenants - particularly with regard to policy, which he regarded as secondary to his own appeal and that of the Conservative Party more general as the key to winning elections. There are some parallels - both men could be said to arouse the passions of their opponents and their supporters in equal measure, and both could be said to face a Labour Party committed to a radical, socialist vision of the country at odds with the Conservative Party’s more market-focused ideas of how it should be run.”
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