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Canvassers told to make every knock count


Even before next month’s poll was called Labour had run sessions on canvassing, the model of campaigning that is the bedrock of the party’s efforts. It involves sending party members to key seats to identify where Labour supporters live and what needs to be done to get them out on polling day. If Momentum is right that Labour’s traditional model of canvassing needs improving it poses problems for a party that outguns the Conservatives in the ground war. Queen Mary’s Professor of Politics, Professor Tim Bale said: “Labour must have a good advantage given that they outnumber the Conservatives about three or four to one. Certainly when it comes to pounding the streets delivering leaflets, it’s the sense of belonging to a local community of activists. So the greater the critical mass in the local party, the more likely it is that people will feel there are like-minded people they enjoy engaging with.”
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