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Boris Johnson supporters want no-deal Brexit and less talk of climate change – new survey of party members reveals


Professor Tim Bale co-authored an article for The Conversation analysing data from a recent survey of Conservative Party members. The article reads: “We can only guess as to how many of Johnson’s supporters were former UKIP sympathisers switching to the Tories; but it certainly seems possible. And, who knows, given that one doesn’t have to renounce one’s membership of the Conservative Party to become a registered supporter of the Brexit Party, perhaps some of them hold a candle for Nigel Farage as well as Johnson. Whether the country will be as pleased as they will be if Johnson does end up making it all the way to Number 10, however, remains to be seen.”

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Also featured in: Huffington Post UK

Professor Bale also spoke to Vox and Prospect Magazine about Boris Johnson and conservative party membership.  

Professor Bale and his colleagues, Paul Webb and Monica Poletti’s forthcoming book on Britain’s party members called Footsoldiers was mentioned in New Statesman.



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