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Boris Johnson should call a general election now if he wants to win


Professor Tim Bale published an article for Metro about the possibility of Boris Johnson winning a general election. He writes: “If, however, it proves impossible to come to an agreement [on Brexit], and Westminster finds a way to block a no deal, then we’ll presumably see an election held sooner rather than later.  Although Corbyn and co. would still be a factor in Johnson’s favour, that contest one wouldn’t be so easy to win – but difficult doesn’t mean impossible. For a start, an awful lot of people – not just hard-core Leavers – would buy the argument that Brussels was to blame for us leaving without a deal because of its sheer bloody-mindedness and intransigence. And if there’s one politician who is a sufficiently skilled populist to be able to frame an election as ‘the people vs. Parliament’ then it’s Boris Johnson.”

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