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Professor Philip Cowley, New universities minister backs tuition fees review


The new universities minister has said that a review of tuition fees will be a “positive move” for the Government. Speaking on Thursday evening at Queen Mary University London, Sam Gyimah signalled his willingness to revive Theresa May’s plans for wide-reaching reforms of funding for higher education. “It is right to look carefully at how the current system is working and to make sure that it works best for students”, he said. Mr Gyimah, a former prisons minister, told an audience of around 200 students: “There are things that are working well and we shouldn’t forget [them]…Whatever ‘comrade Corbyn’ says, I don’t think we will go back to an era where students do not contribute in any way to their fees.”
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Also featured in The Times, Daily Mail, Times Higher Education, WonkHE



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