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Dr Sophie Harman, Hooray for the New Health Emergencies Programme! Shame About the WHO’s Legitimacy Problem



Dr Sophie Harman reviews the Sixty-ninth World Health Assembly, which took place last week in Geneva. She states: “The global health get together - #WHA69 - last week in Geneva was full of must dos. We must combat obesity, we must address the ageing crisis, we must have strong leadership - preferably female - in global health, we must do something about Zika, we must strengthen health systems, and we must end infant and maternal mortality. Attached to these must-dos was a variety of programmes and strategies of how the World Health Organisation (WHO) would address them through technical guidance for member states. This happens every year. The stand out of WHA69, however, was the new Health Emergencies Programme - a strategy that seemed to go beyond the usual must-do to can and will do.”
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