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School of Politics and International Relations

African Awakenings? Interpreting contemporary African protest panel event was a huge success


A panel event organised by Dr Clive Gabay on Thursday 19th July, explored the current state of protest movements in Africa. Held at the Africa Centre in central London, the panel consisted of a range of activists from a variety of African struggles, including Occupy Nigeria, The South African Unemployed Peoples? Movement, and the Sudanese Communist Party. The 100-strong audience heard reports from the struggles of working and unemployed people across the continent, and the battles they face in getting their voices heard and effecting change in their countries.

Whilst stories of arrests and police beatings gave the evening a serious tone, there was optimism too, as it became clear that the large-scale mass mobilisations necessary for successful struggles against corruption, violence and exploitation take time to build. As a part of that mobilisation the evening ended on a bright note, when Ayanda Kota of the Unemployed Peoples? Movement made an enthusiastically received call for the active participation and solidarity of the audience in his and his co-panelist's struggles, through awareness-raising in the UK.



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