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School of Politics and International Relations

Workshop: The Unintended Consequences of State Building Interventions

24 March 2014

Time: 10:00am - 4:35pm
Venue: 10am-1pm - Senior Common Room, ArtsTwo Building, 1-4:35pm - The Colette Bowe Room, Queens' Building

You are hereby cordially invited to attend the workshop on the unintended consequences of statebuilding interventions.

State building interventions remain centre stage in tackling global governance issues. However, the implementation of global and regional governance through state building interventions has not brought about the expected changes in how states operate. How do we explain the weak outcomes of state building interventions? Moving away from the question of effectiveness and compliance, scholars have started to focus on the unintended consequences of state building interventions. Inline with this latest strand of research, the workshop discusses how governance interventions are actually implemented and which dynamics lead to outcomes unforeseen at the intervention’s outset. The interaction of domestic and foreign political and economic interests receives special attention in explaining the changes in the state and societal relations of power. 

The workshop is particularly interested in addressing the following questions in greater detail:
Why do state building interventions rarely achieve their initially set goals? What factors best explain the interventions’ limited impact; inadequate project design, local state capacity, political will or other factors shaping the intervention? How do different political and economic interests cooperate, collude or collide and how does this change the state and societal power relations? The workshop aims at bringing together PhD students, senior academics and practitioners working in the field of state building interventions, development assistance, as well as global and regional governance to address these questions. 

Please register for this event by 20 March with the workshop convenors:
Sean (William) Parramore 

Lan Katharina Schippers

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